“I went out an bought a chow and I kept it under wraps. On Christmas Eve  I picked my chow up from the dog kennel and I took it over, kept it in a big hat box. I got a big ribbon on it. When the time came, I went over and put the little puppy in the hat box, tied it up with a ribbon. So, my wife didn’t see me bring it in. My niece went over and she said, “Oh, it says to ‘Lily from Santy Claus!’” So, she brought this big hat box over and put it in front of my wife. And my wife said, “Oh, Walt! You didn’t?!” She didn’t know I bought a dog. She thought I bought her a hat! So, she started to open it and it moved. When she opened it this little chow stuck its head out. And from that time on, that was her baby.” - Walt Disney